Bambi legs came into existence at the end of summer 2010.

It began through the collaboration of a few mates working together with the goal of bringing a carnivalesque festival style events into a night club environment. While at the same time  breaking the divide between live acts and DJ'S.

Showcasing artists from a broad range of musical styles , from jungle, dub , hip hop, Ghetto funk and psychedelic  Break beat . Right through to house, techno, fidget, punk ska and swing. Hoping that everyone gos home educated by a style they may never have recognized.

We use only the highest spec equipment throughout any event. Filling the rooms with the most warm purest sound systems . Lining the walls ceilings and garden with jaw dropping art installations. Rigging the entire building up with epic lighting shows & custom built solar projectors. Creating a unique enough environment where people can fully break their minds away from the stress of the concrete jungle we are living in  and submerse themselves in the therapeutic properties of music, bass lines and good vibes .

Pulling in people from all walks of life, styles and backgrounds. In a space where they will take the time to acknowledge each other and realize we aren't so bloody different . Hope fully then appreciating things that they never would of noticed in the before. Helping to create a web network through the people,  a sense of community and give a feeling of empowerment back to us, the people living in this world .

The first event was held in a small hall in a small town called Wellingborough 3 years ago with Zion Train headlining the bill. Following the success of this event we moved straight on to Bristol for a massive Halloween special.

Bambi legs has grown from strength to strength over the year. Had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing artists, performers and crews. Built up a strong network of associates and a stronghold of dedicated followers. We have now created a whole family of events. Helping to keep the theme ever fresh and the beats ever rolling.

Massive love from all the  Bambi Legs crew. Would be nothing without the ridiculous amount of support we've had over the years.   :p